Gorska Water

Koding Company was founded in 1987 as part of the building construction sector but the construction of the water and soft drinks factory started in 2004. Koding started with production and distribution of Gorska water in 2005. The production plant is located near the springs in the village of Konopishte. As a company which implemented the corporate quality management, Koding is one of the most successful companies in Macedonia managed by educated and inventive personnel with clear vision of the future. Our company owes its success to the active monitoring; following of the modern marketing trends; new technological solutions; innovations and constant education of its employees in order to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Groska Sparkling glass packaging 0.25l, Groska Sparkling glass packaging 1l


 Gorska has a special line of products in glass packaging indented for hotels, restaurants and cafes (HoReKa). Gorska still and sparkling water keeps its most important feature - the water quality - inside of modern packaging. With its refined look and best chemical structure, Gorska water in glass packaging adds value in the catering industry. The natural ideal balance of minerals, salts, dietary minerals and low percentage of sodium enables you daily consummation of Gorska in unlimited quantities. Visit www.gorska.com.mk/ to view more from Gorska Water.