ZLATEN DAB beer from Macedonia

By continuously investing in their production process since their foundation in 1924, Prilep Brewery has constantly improved the quality of their existing products and has been creating new ones ever since. The trademark of Prilep Brewery is the high-quality beers, starting from Zlaten Dab and Krali Marko, being the leading domestic brands for beer, all the way to Tuborg and Carlsberg, which are among the best high-quality beers in the world. Prilep Brewery is the only authorized distributor for these global brands. Prilep Brewery produces refreshing carbonated non-alcoholic drinks, such as Gazoza and Portokolada. Furthermore, the company produces fruit-nectar soft drinks as part of the Bloom line, with 5 different flavors: apple, orange, peach, forest fruits and tropical fruits. Since Prilep Brewery has the official license of Pepsi Cola International, it bottles the following drinks as well: Pepsi, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Max, 7UP, Mirinda Lemon and Mirinda Orange. Prilep Brewery is highly motivated to deliver constant excellence to customers, ensuring they always get the best and the highest quality. This is the mission of Prilep Brewery and the way to gaining and keeping the trust of the customers. 

Golden Oak High quality beer with golden yellow colour, with pleasant bitterness and pure taste produced of 11% beer malt with a content of 4, 5 % vol. alcohol. Produced from the basic raw materials: Water, malt, hops, and beer yeast.

Zlaten Dab

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