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AG MAC Import Export Co.

AG Mac Import Export Company was established in 2012 in Columbus, Ohio by three partners who had a vision to unite the best products from Macedonia and all Balkan countries, and present them to the US market. We have organized ourselves to provide products from The Republic of Macedonia with a passion to help stimulate economic development in Macedonia while sharing their great products with our American friends and families from all backgrounds. We have selected several unique wines from the best wine producers which has become the cornerstone of the company. Never the less, other products followed to share with our North American friends on the following pages. Please revisit from time to time to see what new products we may be offering. Our aim will be to continue to import and represent products and companies that have high quality for the best value. 




Prestigious, high quality white and red wines. Their “Pinot Noir” was proclaimed absolute winner – Grand Prix in competition of more than 650 types of wines from France, Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, California, South Africa and others.


Gorska Water


Gorska still and sparkling water keeps its most important feature - the water quality - inside of modern packaging. With its refined look and best chemical structure, Gorska water in glass packaging adds value in the catering industry.


DOMA Brand Peppers


DOMA line of imported pepper products from Macedonia is our proprietary brand exclusive to AGMac Importers & Distributors, Columbus Ohio for world wide distribution.

Chateau Kamnik


Chateau Kamnik started as a personal fascination with the wine-making art that the founder, a wine enthusiast from Skopje, has always had; everything else came as a completely natural nowadays expression of the authentic Macedonian wine-making traditions. Their products combine past and future, keeping their story alive.



Supreme wines which are the result of the perfect synergy of the earth, the sky, the sun, and the best grapes from the Tikvesh region, along with the latest technology and knowledge of the wine-masters.



Prilep Brewery


The trademark of Prilep Brewery is the high-quality beers, starting from Zlaten Dab and Krali Marko, being the leading domestic brands for beer, all the way to Tuborg and Carlsberg, which are among the best high-quality beers in the world.Prilep Brewery is the only authorized distributor for these global brands. 

LAV Serbian Beer


Produced and bottled by Carlsberg Serbia in the town of Celarevo. The official beer of the Serbia national  football team, now available here.



The Popov winery is an outstanding family-owned winery located in Sopot, near the town of Kavadarci, in the heart of Tikvesh, the finest grape-growing region of Macedonia and the whole Balkans.


Royal Winery


Royal Winery is privately owned, renovated, and modified to produce high quality wines. Their modern equipment and production ensures an excellent wine quality.